Detention of thief within the law Shakro Molodoy

Detainee criminal lord Zakhari Kalashov, known as Shakro Molodoy (Shakro Young), is suspected of involvement in "cashing" streams. The relevant information is currently under check in the Main Investigation Directorate of Moscow, according to the informed source. It should be recalled that earlier the CrimeRussia wrote that Shakro Molodoy settled down in the entertainment complex Golden Palace, where he was receiving huge sums of money. The complex was controlled by his associate authority Konstantin Manukyan (he is on the Interpol's wanted list for organization of criminal community in Spain and money laundering). Earlier, Zakhar Kalashov spent in Spanish prison more than eight years for money laundering.

After Kalashov returned from Spain, on October 29, 2014, he was met by the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department's officers. He had a small preventive discussion with them. On the way out from Petrovka, 38 (address of the Main Investigation Directorate of Russian MIA in Moscow) Kalashov met Vasily Hristoforov, known as Vasya Voskres (Vasya the Risen) and Yury Pichugin (Pichuga). They presented Shakro a mansion, where he was later detained. Shakro Molodoy is called a successor of Ded Hasan. After Hasan's murder, Shakro was the one, who climbed up the "Olympus" and currently controls all financial streams of the criminal world. 

According to the police, the thief within the law is connected with extortion of 8 million rubles from Zhanna Kim, an owner of Moscow's restaurant Elements (Rochdelskaya Street). In December 2015, after unfortunate negotiations between two sides, a firefight has began. As a result, five men were taken to a hospital, two men died at the scene. 

Shakro Molodoy was detained during a special operation in a mansion located near Moscow. On operational video, Kalashov refuses to speak with the field  investigators in front of the camera. "Turn off the camera, lets talk, what's the point of this show?", - repeats the detainee. Two Makarov pistols and grenade F-1 were discovered in his richly arranged house. Besides, the filed investigators  found a huge sum of money in foreign currency.

During a special operation, Kalashov's handy man was detained in a restaurant near Belorusskaya metro station - 42-years-old native of Oryol (his name is yet unknown).  Investigative Office of the Investigative Administration of the Administration of Internal Affairs in the Central Administrative District of the General Administration of Russian MIA in Moscow city initiated a case under Art. 163 part 3 of the Russian Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (extortion). 

According to the informed source in law enforcement agencies, Shakro Molodoy was detained after he several times has not come for interrogation to investigator, under the case on fight at Rochdelskaya. Two detainees, who were brought to investigating authorities in the early July, gave testimonies against Shakro. Those were Nikolayev N. (born in 1982) and Gamidov G. (1976). They admitted their guilt in the firefight near Elements restaurant and noted that they were acting together with one of the Solntsevskaya criminal grouping's leader Andrey Kochuykov, known as Italiyanets (Italian) and Romanov. They were controlled by criminal lord, who "had a direct interest in owners of the establishment". 

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