Zakhar Kalashov, 'Shakro Molodoy' (Shakro the Young)

Influential Tbilisi Kurd.

Zakhar Kalashov, 'Shakro Molodoy' (Shakro the Young)

Zahar Kalashov is the sole and absolute owner of a criminal empire associated to Ded ('Grandpa') Hassan. Even when Yaponchik ('The Jap') and Ded Hassan were alive Shakro Molodoy he was not inferior to them in authority.

After three failed assassination attempts in the early 2000s, Shakro moved to Spain. In June 2005, the Spanish intelligence services carried out an operation called "Wasp", which resulted in dozens of people detained, associated with the so-called "Russian mafia". Kalashov managed to escape, he was arrested in May 2006 in the United Arab Emirates and extradited to Spain. In 2010, a court in Madrid sentenced Kalashov to 7.5 years in prison and a 20 million Euro fine for money laundering, later the sentence was increased to nine years in prison.

On October 29th of the year 2014, Shakro left Madrid prison and was sent to Russia. At the airport employees of the Main Administration of Criminal Search of the Russian MIA were waiting for Shakro. They immediately took him to their office for a “preventive conversation” with one of the first persons of the Ministry. After this, the "thief-in-law" was finally was released.

According to sources, at the exit Shakro was met by criminal gladiators Vasily Khristoforov called Vasya Voskres ('Vasya has Risen') and Yuri Pichugin nicknamed Pichuga. Then, all three went to the grave of the assassinated Grandpa Hassan and Yaponchik. There, it is said, he said that he "will not forgive their murderers."

We also learned that "Risen" and "Pichuga" presented a chic gift to Shakro: they bought him a very expensive mansion in one of the most prestigious areas of Moscow.