Mikhail Maksimenko

The leader of the Main Directorate of interdepartmental interaction and inherent security of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.

Mikhail Maksimenko

Mikhail Maksimenko was born on the 12th of July 1973 in Leningrad.

According to Fontanka, he served in Chechnia as a part of SWAT, guided by Saint-Petersburg Directorate for Combating Organized Crime.

In 2007 Maksimenko moved to Moscow, where he headed physical protection control of the Investigative Committee at the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation, where Aleksander Bastrykin was on the position of the first deputy at that moment. According to media, Maksimenko got his position because of his colleague at Krasnogvardeiskiy District Criminal Investigation Department Sergey Koshkarovskiy, who started working for Aleksander Bastrykin when Aleksander was leading the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in North Western Federal district.

In fact, Maksimenko was Bastrykin’s personal body guard during his first years in Moscow, he was a person who had used to be the first who says “Hello” in the morning and the last who says “Goodbye” in the evening to Bastrykin. Authority of Maksimenko has risen very fast over the period. When in 2007 in Saint-Petersburg “anti-raid” investigative team under guidance of Major of Justice Oleg Pipchenkov did lots of scandalous arrests, an ordinary special forces agent Maksimenko strated protecting the suspected. A “legendary character” of those illegal takeovers in Saint-Petersburg – Akakiy Daraseliya - usually said as if Badri Shengheliya – an involvant in the criminal case connected with the name of criminal authority Vladimir Barsukov (Kumarin) - called Maksimenko his racket. In his interview for Fontanka, ex-investigator of the “anti-raider” team Mikhail Maslov mentioned that Maksimenko called investigators and told them what should be written in testimonies, who must be imprisoned and who must not.

After the period of “scandalous illegal takeovers”, Maksimenko filled in the position of the brand new Main Directorate of interdepartmental interaction and inherent security of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation already in January of 2011.

According to official data, Maksimenko earned about three million rubbles, while his wife – 14,6 million in 2015. His spouse mentioned one of the highest incomes of the whole department members and their families, while she was filling in the tax statement. Several flats and one land plot are registered on the family name. But none of vehicles are written in Maksimenko's tax return.

Maksimenko is one of the most influencive workers of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation and Aleksander Bastrykin’s right hand. On the 19th of July 2016 Mikhail Maksimenko, his deputy Aleksander Lamonov and the First Deputy Head of the General Investigative Office of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in Moscow – Denis Nikandrov were detained and arrested under suspicion of racketeering and bribery amounted to $1 million, which they had got from one of the most influencive “thieves within the law” – Shakro Molodoy.