Igor Shuvalov

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Igor Shuvalov
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Igor Shuvalov was born January 4, 1967 in the Bilibino village, the Magadan Region. He finished middle school in 1984. Igor went on to working in R & D institute after failing to enter university. Igor did Soviet compulsory military service from 1985 to 1987. He entered workers' faculty in 1987, later proceeding to entering the Lomonosov Moscow State University Law Department.

Mr Shuvalov was given the attaché job in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Legal Department after he graduated in 1993. He started working in the ALM-Konsalting lawyer's office, the Moscow City Advocates' Chamber member the same year. Aleksandr Mamut was one of the Chamber shareholders at the time. He worked as the Senior Attorney at Law until he was appointed the Chamber CEO in 1997. Mr Shuvalov founded several companies affiliated with trade, real estate, and consumer products in 1995-1996.

He was appointed the Head of a Federal Agency for State Property Management Department in 1997. He became the Federal Agency for State Property Management Assistant Minister in the beginning of 1998 and soon got admitted as an Obshchestvennoe rossiyskoe televidenie TV network OJSC Board of Non-Executive Directors member. He was appointed the Russian Federal Property Fund Head the same year.

Igor was appointed a Minister of Russian Federation and a Deputy of the Chief of the Government Staff of the Russian Federation. However, he left the office 3 years later after a conflict with Mikhail Kasyanov, the PM. He then proceeded to becoming the Aide to the President of the Russian Federation (Vladimir Putin).

Mr Shuvalov was appointed the Presidential Administration of Russia Deputy Head. He then became the Sovkomflot Maritime Shipping Company Chairman of the Board (left the office in 2008). Igor represented the Russian President in the 2008 G8.

He has been working as the First Vice Prime Minister since 2008.

Mr Shuvalov began supervising government economy after Aleksey Kudrin, the former Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation and Deputy PM, was discharged in September, 2011.

Igor became the Governmental Transport and Communication Commission Head in 2012.

Igor Shuvalov is known as the “first marshal of Vladimir Putin” and “an engine and the man who is responsible for everything”.

He bought 319 million dollars worth of US assets and issued a credit for the purchase at the astronomic 40% p. a. interest rate, according to a 2011 U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission report.

Mr Shuvalov’s family bought 18 million dollars worth of Gazprom stocks through the Sevenkey Company registered at the Bahamas, according to 2012 Times and The Wall Street Journal articles. Aleksey Navalny published evidence of the company receiving millions of dollars in his blog 2 days later. Roman Abramovich and Alisher Usmanov’s companies were the remitters, according to Navalny.

Igor Shuvalov dismissed the charges claiming he abides by the conflict of interests principle and rule regarding earnings transferring for trust management. The Office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation did not find Mr Shuvalov’s family guilty of any violation in regard to their income.

He held a meeting with editors of the leading publishing houses. Igor demonstrated a 2011 declaration to them. It featured Severin Enterprises, an off-shore company operating under the British Virgin Islands laws. This company became a media outlets focus for a while. Olga Shuvalova, the Deputy PM’s wife, is its sole owner. The company was not mentioned in the 2011 declaration Mr Shuvalov had published earlier since the law did not require bureaucrats to publish information on their family’s property at the time. This makes Olga Shuvalova being mentioned in the Offshore-Leak List published by the Center for Public Integrity legitimate.

Mr Shuvalov reported on him transferring all his assets to the Russian Federation in December, 2013 after enactment of the law on prohibition of bureaucrat having foreign assets.

Aleksey Navalny, the Anti-Corruption Fund Head, reported on him having 10 apartments (more than 700 m2 total) in one of the Seven Sisters located at Kotelnicheskaya Embankment, Moscow in July, 2016. Their estimated market value amounts to 600 million rubles. Sergey Kotlyarenko, a lawyer and Mr Shuvalov’s trusted man, started purchasing the real estate back in 2014, according to the investigation. Mr Kotlyarenko used to work in the Federal Agency for State Property Management, government, and Administration of the President of the Russian Federation. The Anti-Corruption Fund expects titles to the real estate to be transferred to one of Shuvalov’s companies the way it was done with his other 3 apartments. The Anti-Corruption Fund estimates the total of 1,200 m2 of real estate possessed to be undeclared by Mr Shuvalov.

Igor was reported to possess a private plane he and his family use in July, 2016. It was not specified in the declaration, too. Aleksey Venedictov, Ekho Moskvy radio station Editor in Chief, claimed Mr Shuvalov and his wife rent the Bombardier Global Express plane from their son’s company.

In 2015, income of Igor Shuvalov amounted to 97.243.321 rubles, according to the declaration published on the Russian Federation government web-site. He made 240.978.334 rubles in 2013, becoming the richest cabinet officer that year.


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