Boris Vaynzikher

An entrepreneur, CEO of T Plus PJSC.

Boris Vaynzikher
Seen under the headings:
Corruption Financial Crime

Boris graduated from the Institute of Metallurgy, Mechanical Engineering and Transport of the Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University with a degree in turbine construction.

He started working in 1993 at the Lenenergo JSC Thermal Power Plant №15 as an engineer. He later got promoted to the Production Technology Department Head.

Mr. Vaynzikher got transferred to the OJSC Lenenergo in 1998 and worked as the Capital Power Plants and Heat Networks Construction Projects Department Head, Capital Construction Projects Department Deputy Head, and Engineering & Analytics Center Head.

He became the OJSC Lenenergo Chief Technical Development Officer in 2000.

Boris became the Kashira Power Plant Head (OJSC Lenenergo) in 2001 and later got promoted to the Kashira Power Plant OJSC CEO.

He was certified in management by the UK Open University Business School in 2002.

Boris Vaynzikher was appointed the Unified Energy System of Russia RJSC OJSC Chief Technology Officer and admitted as the energy holding company board member. He concurrently held the position of the Silovie mashini OJSC CEO and Board Chairman from September 2006 to October 2007.

He left the Unified Energy System of Russia RJSC Chief Technology Officer’s office on July 1, 2008 due to Unified Energy System of Russia RJSC OJSC liquidation. Mr Vaynzikher moved on to being the head of TGK-1 OJSC. He changed jobs again in May 2011 to become the Z1 Investment Group CEO.

Boris used to perform in the Glagol students theatre back in 1990s. His devotion to theater lasted for years to come. He continues to give performances in the Shkola sovremennoy piesi theatre even now, being the Head of major enterprises.

Boris Vaynzikher was arrested on September 5, 2016, on an allegation of paying a multi-million bribe to the former Komi Republic government.