Usage Regulations of «Crime Russia» Site Materials

1. General provisions

1.1. These Regulations determine the operating procedures and terms of use of the informative, news and other materials, posted on a website «Crime Russia» ( (hereafter referred to as «Site»).

1.2. Any materials posted on the Site are protected by copyright. Authors’ rights on mentioned materials are protected in order prescribed by the legislation of the rights for the intellectual property results.

1.3. Usage of the materials posted on the Site is allowed only if user indicates the source and posts a link according to para. 3.1 of these Regulations.

1.4. These Regulations cover following users: news agencies electronic and print media, physical and legal persons (hereafter referred to as «Users»).

2. Usage of Site materials.

2.1. Usage is understood to be reproduction, dissemination, public demonstration, broadcasting terrestrial or non-terrestrial), translation, rewriting, dissemination to the general public and other ways of usage, as required by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

2.2. Usage of the Site materials on a free-of-charge basis:

2.2.1. Any User can use the Site’s materials partly or on a full scale, without getting a written permission from the Site and on a free-of-charge basis. However, in each case Users should indicate the source, and post a link according to para. 3.1 of these Regulations.

2.2.2. When using the materials from the Site partly or on a full scale, it is prohibited to make changes or update the Site material, as well as rewrite the materials from the Site.

3. Users obligations when using Site materials

3.1. When using Site materials for any purposes, it is obligatory to indicate the source and post links:

3.1.1. When using Site materials in print media or other forms, which involve writing the information on any material medium, Users are obliged to indicate the source in each case: «Source: site «Crime Russia» (».

3.1.2. When using Site materials on the Internet or in any electronic form, Users are obliged to post a hypertext link on a particular Site material and indicate the source in each case: «Source: Crime Russia».

3.1.3. The information concerning the source and the links on the Site materials, which are mentioned in sub-paragraphs 3.1.1 and 3.1.2. of these Regulations, should be placed by a User at the beginning of the utilizable text-material, and also directly under utilizable audio-, video-, photo-, graphic Site materials. The size of a font, utilized to indicate the source and post a hypertext link shouldn’t be smaller than the size of the font in the text, where the Site materials were used, or the size of the font of the User’s text, which supports audio-, video-, photo-, graphic Site materials.

3.1.4. Usage of the Site materials, which were obtained from secondary sources, is possible only with posting a link on these sources.

3.2. When using the Site materials, it is prohibited to rewrite the original text. Reduction of the materials is possible only if it does not mistranslate. In this case, Users bear responsibility for the mistranslation independently.

3.3. When using the Site materials Users must not indicate on their sites and RSS-links publication time of the material identical or antecedent to the publication time on the Site «Crime Russia».

4. Final provisions

4.1 The Site retain the right to unilaterally make changes in these Regulations in any time without notifying Users. Any changes will be placed on the Site The changes become operational since the moment they were published on the Site.