General Sugrobov’s case: wanted defendant arrested in Krasnodar

General Sugrobov’s case: wanted defendant arrested in Krasnodar
Defendants in the GUEBiPK case Photo: Kristina Kormilitsyna / Kommersant

The ex-officer of the GUEBiPK MIA Gennady Sobolev was hiding abroad during two years until money ran out.⁠

The defendant in the sensational case of corruption in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the GUEBiPK former officer Gennady Sobolev, was detained in Krasnodar.

Sobolev was wanted for two years, he managed to escape in 2014, when his heads were arrested, including the General Denis Sugrobov. These two years Sobolev spent abroad, but he has been forced to return to Russia this summer. According to a Life's source, the ex-policeman was simply run out of money. Sobolev, returning from abroad, settled in Krasnodar, where he was found by the FSB.

He was transferred to Moscow, where the Basmanny court sent him under arrest. The ex-policeman was put in the pre-trial detention center Matrosskaya Tishina.

Another escaped GUEBiPK officer is Pavel Dashin.

Recall that on the winter 2014 FSB operatives arrested almost the entire heads of the Anti-Corruption MIA Central Board, including the Head Denis Sugrobov and his deputy Boris Kolesnikov. On June 2014 Kolesnikov committed suicide by jumping from a window. 13 police officers were arrested, 10 of them were charged under OCG Creation (part 3 of Art. 210 of the Criminal Code), Exceeding of Official Powers (part 3 of Art. 286 of the Criminal Code) and Attempted bribery (part 3, Art. 33, Art. 304 of the Criminal Code). The case includes 21 criminal episodes. According to investigators, Denis Sugrobov with his subordinates tried to substitute the FSB officer. They planned to pass themselves as businessmen and offer the cover for 10 thousand dollars a month.



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